June USDA Wasde

Signup to regular market updates, for free! Today has had the USDA release the June WASDE. Overall, changes were relatively minor, but eased major grain supplies while tightening US soybean stocks. Review this week’s market movement on GrainTab Wheat 2022/23 US wheat production estimates were marginally increased this month to…

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May USDA WASDE Highlights

  Signup to receive these updates and more by email On May 12th, the USDA released its May WASDE report today, which includes the first official look toward next season. US Corn Little old crop supply and demand estimate were changed, but looking to next season, the US market is…

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Global Barley Supplies Get Tighter

Alongside the market risks for corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower production in Ukraine, barley is also a key feed grain crop at risk from the war in Ukraine. While the EU is by far the single largest producing region of barley, Ukraine is fourth on the list of major global…

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April USDA WASDE overview

Receive daily market updates to your inbox  |  Find out more about our services   | Read more articles   April WASDE Today the USDA released their April WASDE, which overall was a fairly conservative WASDE, only making small changes. Wheat US wheat stocks were revised higher in the April WASDE, with stocks…

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March WASDE Overview

  Amid the large uncertainty as Russia continues to wage war against Ukraine, the March WASDE was always going to be a cautious report, especially for the Black Sea with most of the alterations expected. Wheat The major changes in the March WASDE for wheat have been an increase in…

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