Weekly Market Highlights

While global grain markets have been in a bullish mood for a number of months, but partly due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, this week has seen a shift in sentiment with the wheat momentum pausing and oilseed rape back to trading within a relatively tight range. Adding to the pressure has…

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What’s behind surging canola and rapeseed prices?

Surging canola prices, or rapeseed as it’s known in Europe, have been long overdue following four consecutive years of stock depletion amongst key producing and exporting regions, most notably Canada where canola stocks have fallen from 4.4MT in 2018/19 to a forecast 691KT by the end of 2021/22. However, this…

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Analysis of Canadian grain and oilseeds plantings

In the midst of a spring weather market, market attention is fully focused on the prospects for spring crops. Looking to Canada, and this week has seen the release of the Statistics Canada March planting estimates. Overall, there is a trend towards oilseeds and away from grains. Canola Overall, Canadian…

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