Forecasting & Consulting

Our global price and supply and demand forecasts are developed by our experienced team of analysts and economists, providing market participants with data and insights for their decision making,  pricing models, planting decisions, investment strategies, internal analysis, executive discussions and many other applications.

Price forecasts

Price forecasts based on our extensive database containing supply & demand data, macroeconomic analysis, currency, seasonality, physical prices, historical importer/ export price relationships, investor trends and more.

Our knowledge and experience in agricultural markets have resulted in a number of projects being undertaken confidentially for a range of businesses:

  • The impact of the war in Ukraine on short and medium term grain, oilseeds and fertiliser markets.
  • Delivery of bi-weekly market analysis webinars focusing on feed ingredients.
  • Assessing the impact and viability of using derivatives for price risk management.
  • Market training for businesses ranging from multinational agricultural technology business to groups of farmers across Europe.

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