Consulting & Data

CRM Agri work with and undertake projects for businesses throughout the global supply chain. Our expertise, data and insights have proved invaluable to family run businesses, as well as global agribusinesses. Our experience has allowed us to undertake tailored:

  • research projects; 
  • strategy consulting;
  • training;
  • forecast modelling;
  • viability studies.

Our experts can provide long-term price forecasts, pricing model or insights specific to your businesses requirements.

Data: Millions of data points, including historical pricing data, supply & demand and trade data are available to support your organisation with specific projects.

CRM Agri provide invaluable training and insight on agricultural markets and risk management.  We invited them to present in Ukraine and Russia and find the market analysis is excellent making complex topics easy to understand. In today’s operating environment, managing volatility, accessing markets and understanding financial instruments is a must for agribusinesses”

Helen Fairlamb, Syngenta (Ukraine)


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