James Bolesworth

Analysis of Canadian grain and oilseeds plantings

In the midst of a spring weather market, market attention is fully focused on the prospects for spring crops. Looking to Canada, and this week has seen the release of the Statistics Canada March planting estimates. Overall, there is a trend towards oilseeds and away from grains. Canola Overall, Canadian…

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September USDA WASDE Highlights

September USDA WASDE Overview Following the storms in the US and production concerns prior to harvest, this September USDA WASDE is an essential benchmark for how global markets trade. The much-awaited September USDA WASDE has confirmed views that up to 10MT of US corn production has been lost following the…

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August USDA WASDE highlights

Corn / Maize The August USDA WASDE increased the 2020/21 US corn production estimate by 7MT to 388MT, with ending stocks up 2.7MT to 70MT. Adding further bearish tones to US corn have been reductions in EU ethanol production. Production of Ethanol fell last week to 918KBbl per day, down…

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