Market Access

CRM Commodities is well placed to provide our clients with direct access to futures markets through our fully regulated brokerage partners. We aim to ensure that trading instructions are given clearly and simply whilst ensuring all the trades placed are in line with recommendations and following up with full position management and reporting. CRM consulants have many years of experience in dealing with financial brokers and ensuring that financial jargon is clearly explained to our clients. Our brokerage partners are always prepared to talk to current and prospective account holders.


Going directly to the market has a number of benefits which allow you to create flexible, secure risk management strategies. Financial markets today are heavily regulated allowing all parties to have their deposits protected and any risk of default reduced significantly, the benefits of trading directly onto the market include:


When buying or selling futures and options contracts through a designated exchange, you are able to benefit from pricing and trading opportunities which cannot be gained through OTC or physical contracts. In any markets where there are more participants, ‘Bid’ and ‘Offer’ prices are generally more competitive, therefore allowing the buyer or seller to achieve more favourable prices. Being able to buy and sell contracts with ease, at the click of a button, means that the dynamic strategies which we advise on can be implemented far more efficiently.


A lot can be gained from the transparency of trading on the futures markets. The ability to see what price you can trade at and what the person before you traded at, allows a fair and level playing field for all market participants. Our broking partners are able to give detailed insight into the market and order book, allowing accurately timed decision to be made on a continual basis.


 Globalised markets allow you to take advantage of opportunities not only domestically, but also globally. Trading opportunites may arise on similar or correlated markets to your own, allowing you to benefit from opportunities which are not so easily available through local, physical markets. Ultimately your grain is bought and sold physically however, the opportunities to add value can be seen well before and long after this physical transaction is made. For further details regarding how CRM can help you add value to your trading, contact us.