May 9, 2022

Global Barley Supplies Get Tighter

Alongside the market risks for corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower production in Ukraine, barley is also a key feed grain crop at risk from the war in Ukraine.

While the EU is by far the single largest producing region of barley, Ukraine is fourth on the list of major global producers.

In Ukraine, 40% of barley is winter planted and 60% spring planted, not only is there concern for the ability to harvest and then export, but the immediate concern is for the ability to plant spring barley.

Estimates for corn spring planting is for between a 1/3 to 50% reduction in area. With a similar level of spring barley planting disruption, then a likely planted area is between 1.8-2Mha, down from 2.6Mha in 2021.