CRM AgriCommodities Market Review – 18th March 2019

Global wheat prices have rallied last week after the rapid selloff observed since the beginning of the year amid a pick up in demand, funds short covering and politics. February marked yet another decrease in EU rapeseed crushing whilst soybeans continued to increase, as the worlds major oilseed took further…

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CRM AgriCommodities Market Review – 11th March 2019

EU wheat futures remained under pressure in the wake of the US markets although the fall was less on this side of the Atlantic amid a weakening of both the Sterling and the euro against the US dollar. Following the sharp sell off in recent weeks which saw rapeseed values in Europe fall…

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CRM AgriCommodities Market Review – 4th March 2019

Global wheat futures prices have continued to decline due to sluggish exports on both side of the Atlantic with aggressive sales from Russia early in the campaign. Having tumbled over £20/T in the past two weeks (Del. Erith March 2019 = £306/T), OSR has had the chair pulled out from under it despite old…

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